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Wakame Shoyu

Wakame Shoyu

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Small-batch, handcrafted + naturally fermented shoyu. Made with hand-dived wakame seaweed from Port Phillip Bay, this shoyu was aged 2 years before bottling. Available in 200ml.

Made with biodynamic soybeans from Slater Farm, biodynamic zanzibar (red wheat) grown by Don Haines, hand-dived wakame from diver Beau Found and water, salt, + koji

Wakame is a pest species in Australia, so we love that it’s been removed from the bay and made its way into this sauce instead. Wakame provides added umami, a lovely vegetal note, and a distinctive taste of the sea.

This is a lighter-style soy sauce with loads of umami and an oceanic kick. This shoyu is great with seafood - try it on raw or steamed fish and you’ll see what we mean! But it’s no one-trick pony - you can add it to stir-fried or steamed greens, or anywhere else you would use soy sauce.

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